A place in everybody

I want to speak about where I have been, and why it is important to you.

This place, where I have been, is not a physical place. It is a place of absence of physicality and as such can be reached everywhere, but is nowhere. We all know this place, but most of us have chosen to forget and now we ache to find the way back to this place of absence.

Even though the fear of missing out is a daily companion for us, we all love to be absent. We all love, for a little while, to put aside everything and divest ourselves, as we do every night in sleep. Without exception we look forward to sleep each day, no matter who we are. In sleep we no longer have to be something, amount to something, hold up something. We can just put aside all that for a while and be a little more ourselves.

But sleep is unconscious, and so we do not get to live the knowledge of it. We are stirred up again from sleep everyday into this world, and the striving and the struggle continues. Nothing changes fundamentally.

Where I have been is similar to that – only it is conscious. Meditation would be the word for it, but we do not know what meditation is, do we? You can only know if someone has told you, and so you are a believer or follower and subsequently you do not know – you only think you do.

Right meditation is the art of being me. Where I have been?

I have been in me.

Why that change? Why this move into me? I will answer these questions now and speak about the importance of this place called ‘me’, because this place is in everybody.

The pain

In the past couple of months I have been absent from posting anything to my site inner reality, where I reveal the truth as I know it, because I was torn between a contradiction. The contradiction was the effort of having this knowledge to put it on and speak about it, that continued to increase as I became aware more and more of this division between the speaker and that, which he speaks about.

Because, even though at the time of going deeper into me I was already well into this spiritual process of ultimate self-discovery, it was not real enough. Thus continuing to speak about it, without realizing what I was speaking about, caused a contradiction in me that finally could no longer be looked over. I had to confront this contradiction, this pain, in me. And so I went into the pain to find out what it’s all about.

I did not know how long it would take me to face that, only that it had to be done. I ceased doing what I was doing, and in what would eventually turn out to be 5 months, I confronted the pain in me. Relentlessly I continued to look at what I was doing with my life, if it is right. And if it is not right, I endeavored each day to get it more right. Thus I got rid of much of my wishful thinking, so that I would be able to come out more and more into reality.

Because if something does not sit right with me, I cannot keep it up. I cannot keep up the contradiction as I become aware of it. And sometimes life comes and shows you where you are still holding on to certain images or ideas, and helps you out a little in that regard by making you suffer, so that you would be able to muster up the courage and the resilience to confront these areas in your life, which are giving you dread.

One of my greatest downfalls was wanting knowledge, or having knowledge, rather than being knowledge, or living it. But if I don’t live it, then it’s not true. So I took my chances and realized that my wishful thinking had to go out and I have to live this knowledge more and more consciously every day, so that I can be true to the situation.

What is the situation? What does my life require? What am I doing?

You see, I found answers to that. I’m at a new step in the spiritual process now, which eventually will lead to complete knowledge of self. That’s what I’ve been doing these past months. I grew in being and I’m now at a point that I can share this. I have gone into intensive periods of meditation in which many of the mysteries of the universe, which are all unbelievable, were revealed to me.

I want to share these findings now so that others are inspired to start the process of self-discovery in themselves as well, so that we may put a stop to the ignorance that lives in us and as us on this planet. Because I don’t consider myself special, you see. Nor do I assume I have seen it all or done it all. I, too, am still in the process, but I’m now so far down into me that I know what I’m doing, which is one of the rarest things on Earth – to find somebody who knows what they’re doing.

I now know what I’m doing.

That’s why I’m ready to share. I ask nobody to believe me, but to continuously see if what I say is really true for you or not. Only what is true in your experience is in the truth for you, has any meaning. In this way I’m able to communicate something of life to you.


Thank you. Together we bring consciousness, joy, love and peace to Earth.

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