The Truth About truth is that there is only one truth.

Any one fact may be true, but no fact is the truth. Facts are only true momentarily, whereas the truth is true always. Especially, the truth is true now. It may even be said that the truth’s only quality or characteristic is, that it is true now.

The rarest knowledge on Earth is that the truth is practical. The practical truth is simply you living it. If you don’t live it, then it’s not true.

Your potential

Since it is always true, the potential to recognize and realize the truth is never zero. It only requires you to see it, and then to live it. And that is possible, because it is here now. If you can only see what is true now, the truth becomes true in your experience.

Your experience, your life, is the only truth on Earth. Nothing is true unless it is true in your experience. Your experience is the truth.

Your origin

Truth is your true origin. You left it by imagining you can know anything other than the truth or improve upon it. As truth is now, so your origin is now and it is possible to go back to that original state. Yet going back there means nothing, because you never left. It is now. Truth cannot be exclusive. In truth, existence as life is finished and complete before it begins.

There is no time, no progress, in truth, only in imagination.


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