The Truth About intelligence is that intelligence never moves.

The intelligence watches all movement and is therefore devoid of any movement. It never can move and never needs to move. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are always moving and therefore not intelligent.

Being true to one’s position

Being intelligent means being true to one’s position. You can only do that now. You can’t be true to your position later. It is either now, or not at all.

Your true position is no position, because any position itself is watched by the intelligence and therefore untrue. You can’t have a position and be intelligent.

Seeing what is

Intelligence means I can see what is. Whenever I see how a thing is, I cannot get emotional about it, and I can’t have a feeling about it. Whenever I think, I cannot see how a thing is, for I will see a smear of thought over it. So I’m not seeing what is, and I’m not being intelligent.

Intelligence does not interpret, because it has no self-interest. It simply sees what is.

Knowing without thinking

Intelligence is knowing without thinking. Thinking is not knowing. Thinking itself is known. If you knew, you wouldn’t be thinking. Thinking is not intelligent, and will never lead to knowledge, because thinking will never be knowing.

Knowing is a state. That means it is self-sufficient. It is always going on – or you would have no existence.

Thinking is a condition. It is not self-sufficient and will never lead you beyond itself. It will always be thinking, but never knowing. Stop thinking and discover you know already – become intelligent.


All knowledge is possible only due to the intelligence. Once the intelligence is there, knowledge can be there also. Without intelligence, no knowing.

Intelligence is God-given.

Thinking is man-made (ignorance).


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