Many people these days meditate, but how can you know you’ve had a legit meditation experience?

Knowing what meditation is

This question deserves some attention, because not all forms of meditation are right and lead to a deeper awareness. The meditation many people practice today is actually a form of self-delusion.

I’m going to give you something real to hold on to so that you know in what way true meditation experiences are revealed.

For yourself I should note that:

I’ve spent well over 3000 hours in meditation living in this western world while only 25 years of age.

You can read more about my personal journey towards spiritual awakening here — I think it will be rewarding.

In the final stages of meditation it is a whole movement into the appreciation and active participation of life, and so can no longer be separated. As a result I’ve stopped counting.

If it were not like this, I would merely be wasting my time — as most people do who “meditate”. And as I have done when I first started out.

Real meditation is not exercise, it’s just consciousness.

Right now I want to give you some pointers regarding both the physical aspects of meditation experiences as well as signs of deepening awareness. This way you can be sure you meditate successfully and know what meditation is.

All of this comes from my own experience. You shall see in a short time that I know what I’m talking about.

Are you ready?

Then let’s start.

Physical aspects of meditation experiences

Numerous things can happen inside the body during meditation.

You may see colors, hear sounds, feel sensations or energy inside your body, have spontaneous body movements or healing processes going on.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Pain. Lots of pain.

Physical pain, of course. It’s part of the healing process.

The amount of pain I’ve had to endure at times during meditation was so intense it was actually unbelievable for me that I could take this. Felt like passing out.

But it’s all for good.

I could take it, because this sort of pain is accompanied by the knowledge that it’s alright. As you go deeper and deeper into yourself eventually the pain is just seen for what it is: pure pain.

I can’t describe it, but there’s a actually a beauty about pure pain.

I do not suffer it anymore at those stages of heightened or deeper awareness, because I’m not there anymore — only to perceive it, and it’s alright.

The sounds I hear during meditation (sometimes) include ringing of bells, a whooshing, or a tension.

The visuals can be manifold, and happen against the blackness of the closed eyelids — but even with open eyes your vision can undergo many transformations.

As your consciousness becomes more clear, that is, as your unconsciousness is reduced, you move from thinking tunnel vision to a more profound, panoramic vision with no fixation on any particular object — like a newborn baby.

The sensations in your body can be pins and needles anywhere or everywhere. You may feel heat or energy in particular body parts or sometimes body parts seem to disappear completely.

What happens to me frequently is that certain body parts seem to melt together and sink to the bottom of an ocean.

What I mean by this is that the mental awareness, which is responsible for projecting the image of an external body inside my awareness, has partially or completely stopped.

An energy of love then enters those body parts or the whole body.

I’m going to write more about this in greater detail in the future. If you are interested I suggest you ‘follow’ me on medium.

Body movements can also be frequent and often express as a sideways pendulum motion of your torso or as spontaenous jerks anywhere in the body.

One should be careful, however, not to get carried away with that in the sense of willfully keeping it going.

And last, but not least:

Energy in the brain or at the mid-eyebrow point.

This energy is there to help break up old thinking patterns and to help you be present and remain conscious. It is always felt as soothing, and natural.

These physical manifestations work towards enabling the body to house a higher or greater intelligence or consciousness.

Our attachments to ignorance expose our bodies to many ill-perceived notions of ourselves, which cause friction and ways of living that in turn compromise our health.

These energies during meditation work inside the body to remove the ignorance and enhance it towards greater intelligence.

It is important to note that whatever happens inside the body, it is never the ultimate point of meditation.

The energy may enter the body, do the necessary work, and then leave without the experience ever happening again.

It’s just something on the way.

Don’t crave repetition.

Signs of deepening awareness

Now we are going to talk about that aspect of meditation, which is fundamentally more real than the body — and that is the perception or awareness itself.

In true meditation perception is enhanced, awareness is deepened.

The movement in meditation is always towards that of greater reality, which is actually stillness. You move away from your daily experience of life into a far greater reality.

And you move away from this worldly time into a much more profound time — where you know without doubt that what you experience here is so much more real than anything you’ve ever experienced in the world.

You realize a shift of time.

The truth is actually timeless, and as you move towards that through stillness, you enter the timeless, which is the eternal — reflected in existence as the everlasting present moment now.

In the highest or deepest awareness you are out of time — there is no time in truth.

But when you come back into the world, you cannot communicate your experience to anyone who has not seen for himself. It will simply be meaningless.

That is one of the reasons why the few people who can really do this usually refrain from speaking too much about it. In the immature mind every mentioning of this will only incite imagination — when in fact reality is the absence of all imagination.

Nevertheless, I am going to share some of my most profound experiences with you. I suggest you ‘follow’ me to stay informed on this.

As I said, the perception is fundamentally more real than the body. You will see this, because as you go deeper and deeper into your own being, your body actually disappears.

Inside your awareness, the internal body is a product of thought and imagination. As you travel away from the need of imagining things

you realize you have no body, and that you are nobody.

This is the highest.

Signs of deepening awareness can be accompanied by blue or purple colors against the black screen of the closed eyelids. Like fractals in shape, these colors inform you on a subconscious level that you are entering the deeper stages.

They should not distract you if it happens. But they need not be there for profound experiences to happen — those can occur even with open eyes seemingly going about your business.

The meditation experience, while it lasts, does everything that is necessary and then ceases. After the experience of great reality, usually doubt (which is thinking, or the world) sets in.

One must not doubt his own experience. If it happened, it happened.

The important thing is not to dwell on it, dwell in the past. The energy has been released and done its work to purify the intelligence.

And that is the point.

Living participation

From my point of view, all meditation experiences stay only as (passing) experience and not as a continuous state, because they are still unconscious.

Not enough consciousness has been realized to participate in the living experience of them every moment, so they pass the present moment into the memory — one falls back into delusion.

It was only a brief of moment of heightened perception so that work could be done in you, for you.

A helping hand, if you so will. But really, that hand is you also.

In time, the energy released by the experience will set free your perception of all its idiosyncrasies, which are the ill-perceived notions of yourself, and you will be more your original self.

And that’s it.

Closing words

So you see, I can go on and on about this subject, because  I have actually done it. I want to reveal more and more in continuing what true meditation is, because it is for everyone.

As I say:

Meditation is not just a human right, but a human obligation.

Everybody should do it to some degree or other — as it is right for him or her.

I’m here to help you with that.

Also, I want to share my experience with you in these articles so we can grow in self-knowlege together. What I’m going to say will be new and revealing. That will serve to free you of old conceptions.

The exchange is energetic.

I hope you’ll stay around to hear it.

In the meantime you can check the articles I’ve already written. All of them have their aspectual benefits in giving you something in reflection for your own life — to make you more intelligent.

Together we bring peace, love, joy, happiness and consciousness to Earth.

Thank you for reading.

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