The truth about suffering is that suffering is an imposition.

All suffering is due to identity. Suffering occurs, because you do not know your true position.

This is not intellectual, but experiential knowledge. An actual seeing accompanies this understanding.

The Nature of Suffering

Suffering happens always now.

There is nothing that leads up to suffering or that builds it up. This misconception arises out of not seeing clearly.

All evidence that the cause of your suffering lies in the past is false. This is an attempt to mislead you so canĀ  avoid the true cause of your suffering andĀ  continue to suffer. There is a tendency in your life that wants you to suffer, which could be called devilish energies. But they can be transcended.

You avoid the true cause of your suffering by going into imagination.

The suffering you experience is not factual, because suffering can nowhere be found in the events or objects around you. It’s entirely within you as the interpretation of your sensory experience. That’s why it needs to be looked at.

It is a distortion inside your psyche, which comes from not being your true self – an imposition.

Suffering is due to delusion, which is an illusion appearing to be real. As such suffering can be immediately transcended by disengaging this delusion.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are two distinct phenomena.

It is possible to have tremendous amounts of pain inside your body, but not suffer one iota. That is because pain is factual, while suffering is a choice.

Your mind often latches on to pain, and interprets it, turning pain into suffering. To have purely pain inside your body (and thus inside your awareness) is not uneasy. It is simply pain – a factuality.

Pain may cripple your body, but even the most intense suffering can be overcome in an instant without leaving a blemish on your being.

It does not leave any footprints on your being regardless of how powerful it appears to be. That is because it is not real.

The Point of Suffering

What is the point of suffering then? It is to make you more intelligent.

When you leave behind the delusion that is causing you suffering, you are more intelligent. It is intelligent to not suffer.

So all the suffering within you is only to create the necessary aspiration that is needed to go beyond this deluded state that causes you suffering.

Suffering was made by God to bring you home. It supports your growth so you will go on to the next level.

Some things that might not have caused you suffering in the past will cause you tremendous suffering in the future, because you have reached the point where it is time to let go whatever idea you have entertained that caused you suffering.

It is not possible to assess the extent to which a person is suffering from the outside, because suffering is always determined from within and always according to one’s lights.

Realizing one’s true position is certainly the end of suffering.