The truth about individuality is that you are the only individual.

There are not 7 billion individuals on this Earth, or whatever the number may be when you read this entry, there is only one – and that is always the one reading these words now: you.

You are the only individual in the universe.

The logos of individuality

The logos of individuality is the original meaning of the word.

Individual means that which cannot be divided – the indivisible one. This is true in the truest sense of the word.

You know you are an individual intuitively, and it is correct. But what part of you is truly individual is currently unknown.

The assumption that there are individuals outside of you is not correct.

The essential characteristic of individuality

How do you know you are an individual?

The one essential characteristic of individuality is to know what is true at any moment.

This, and nothing else, defines individuality.

Only you can know whether something is really true or not. Nobody can know it for you.

This is the defining characteristic your individuality, and no one can take it from you.

What you are

What you are is not your body.

You can lose a limb at any time, so it can’t be your body that defines your individuality, because after all it is divisible.

Nor is it your mind that gives rise to your individuality, because the very nature of the mind itself is divisive. The mind is the voice of separation.

What you are is consciousness: you are your own individual consciousness as the being that you are right now.

And there is no consciousness outside of you, because that is only a thought, and not consciousness itself.

You are the only individual.