This teaching offers an all-encompassing perception that covers your entire life.

We are not merely interested in developing this or that, but to bring you closer to the reality and fullness of life.

The untruth hides in many places in us. All of us have a belief somewhere, and the only reason we ever suffer is because we believed in something.

The point is to know, not to believe.

Thus this teaching is structured the way it is structured. It is designed not to just teach you a method or a technique (or make you believe in anything), but to develop you into a full human being.

And that’s only possible with a perception grounded in the truth from where you shine light on every area of your life.

Alienation will not be felt – only an ever going deeper and deeper into the reality, the beauty and the joy of yourself.

So with this teaching we are going to straighten out your perception so you can gain clarity and recover (some of) your original power, which is so joyful and so real.

The ultimate aim is of course to discover the very truth of yourself – what you really are. This is necessary, because what you think you are, is not what you really are.

What you are is formless, timeless, ever-present delight, joy, love and intelligence, also called reality or God.

No word can describe it, but that is irrelevant, really, because it can be experienced. And the way to do that is to face your own ignorance. This is practical, practical attention.

Without your ever-present attention you are not going to make it. It is so difficult in-between, but so easy at the end, and the most logical thing you could possibly do.

What we need is your commitment – not to me, not to this teaching even – but to yourself. This teaching is only the bridge, the guide, the crutches, the raft, the way.

To make a way out of no way is what this endeavor is. Because there is no way back to what you are – you already are that. But then the way is most beautiful, and we love it. That’s why we’re here.

The aim is to realize the truth, but also to beautify your life.

There are so many areas where your life is not right.

Everybody that’s born has trouble in their life.

We are all born indebted to our past ignorance, because the sins of the father shall fall upon the sons – and we are the children.

What you need to straighten out your existentence is perception grounded in the truth -not in your emotions or thoughts or feelings. So we are going to address that.

We’ve all been born into ignorance, and this ignorance has made a mess of yours and my life. This ignorance has deteriorated our bodies as it has deteriorated the Earth and the relationship with all the people around us.

So it’s not just meditation, which you are going to learn. It is vigilance in every area of your life. That’s how you get free and find love.

So let’s take a look at the different components this teaching is comprised of.

Truth Lexicon

The Truth Lexicon teaches us to distinguish between the true and the false. It is the return to right language, where words begin to mean something again, because they have their social, emotional, ignorant pollutions stripped from them.

When I am enlightened, or in the divine consciousness, I speak right language.

The Truth Lexicon helps build your power of discernment, which is crucial for realizing that ‘this’ is not ‘that’, or ultimately, that a lie is not the truth.

Truth is always.

Inner Reality

In this section you will be going into ‘me’. ‘Me’ is the sweetest, most realest place inside the one reading these words now. It is the place from where you perceive everything and know everything.

Going into me is the practice of meditation. This is where we straighten our perception and rid it of ignorance. The clarity we gain here is fundamental to the application of the other practices concerning the Body and the Outer Reality, as well as everything else.

Here we do the work that most people have overlooked and ignored.

By attending to this most profound perception inside, you are learning to first look within, and to then move without.

This is the most valuable practice. Otherwise all your actions are based on idiosyncratic thought patters and you will be pretty ineffective and powerless in your life.


Your body is a temple – your temple.

It is the only thing you have. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or who you are, your body is all you have. Whenever you wake up, where shall you wake up? You shall wake up n your body.

Without a body there is no existence, and nothing to learn. A healthy, well-grounded body houses a healthy and well-grounded mind.

Everybody has tensions inside their body. Everybody has illness and disease inside their body. I can’t promise to heal any illness or disease, because ultimately life decides how long that body lasts, but I can help you stop imposing your own ignorance on your beautiful body, which is going to relieve a lot of pain and fill it with joy and beauty again.

There are many realizations on the way to truth, many semi-conclusions one can reach (there are no final consclusions), and many of those concern the body. The body is a tool for pleasure, but also for pain.

Fine-tune this machine, because why not.

Outer Reality

Your outer reality is where you have so many problems in your life. There is your mother-life, your father-life, your relationship-life, your work-life, and your everyday, ordinary, living life.

Problems occur, because we are ignorant in some area of our life. Fundamentally, we have karma, and karma is past circumstances that we haven’t been true appearing again in the present until they are faced up to, and the particular ignorance of that situation is dissolved.

Without first looking within, it is not possible to address your problems honestly and rightly. This conscious way of living gradually reduces your problems one by one until you can say:

“I don’t have problems anymore.”

A most relevant area in your life, where much practical attention is needed – for you, and the world.

Transcendental Self-knowledge

Straight reality as it is.

No teaching, no method, no technique, no doing, no problem, no way.

What you will discover here are like ‘songs of life’ – admissions from consciousness to consciousness only for its own joy of self-discovery and beauty. The final, ultimate, absolute, most high.

Pure recognition, and self-discovery. No effort.

All the other stations are like a working towards this final station. Test your self-discovery by listening to the ‘songs of life’, which are not really songs, but only admissions from the one reality – what you are.


This is the teaching I’ve laid out leading to complete self-knowledge. A full account of your own being, where nothing is left uncharted.

I welcome your participation.