Before creation occurred, the one reality – what you are – was in full knowledge of itself, or you of yourself.

There was nothing to do, because everything was already done, known, or been as a sheer function of the endless possibility of your own being.

In other words: you were God (or are God), or the one reality.

You then wanted to get away from yourself.

The state before creation of absolute knowing was omnipotence, because in that state knowing and being are one – and your knowledge was infinite.

Then, you, God, decided to do something.

You decided to play as not-God in an endeavor to get away from yourself. It is only a further demonstration of your omnipotence that you are able to do this.

You wanted the experience of what it is to know other than yourself, other than God, and so you dreamed a dream of not being God.

In this dream you got away from the reality. The sheer possibility of that outcome was endless.

There are an infinite amount of dreams, because there are an infinite ways of being ignorant to the endless vastness of your true nature.

You are in this dream now.

You are God in the dream pretending to be not-God, so you can experience all the things that you have experienced in your life, and eventually experience what it is to awaken to the truth of yourself.

The body, which you use to experience all this dream was also your creation and conceived by you.

You conceived your own body.

God is the ultimate dreamer.

When the dream is over, you return to the beginning: full recognition and knowledge of what you are.

And you shall see that nothing matters ultimately, because nothing is.

What you perceive as bad in the dream is only your lacking of your own self-knowledge.

Knowledge, or the lack of it, is also part of the dream and has no bearing in reality. Even knowledge is your invention.

Had it been real, it would be eternal.

Prior to creation there was no consciousness, no experience of any kind, and no time.

Consciousness is needed to supply the dream. It is the medium through which all of this dream takes place. You invented consciousness in order to diversify yourself and have the taste of experience, which is synonymous with knowledge. And the taste of self-knowledge in the dream has to be synonymous with your own being. Self-knowledge is God.

The act of creation

In the beginning your are pure God and say nothing at all. Then, out of sheer, unconditioned love, you announce: “I am.”, and consciousness is born.

Consciousness immediately manifests in form in all possible degrees as it slows down in speed (it assumes all possible states or frequencies at once, because it is the medium for which diversity can express itself, and everything that can happen, will happen, for it is God’s will).

And so consciousness also manifests as this physical reality – your body – and announces in the body that “I am this body.”

You now believe the dream.

You may wonder: “What is the point of all this?”

It has none whatever.

It is a play happening out of the joy for itself.

God in full knowledge of itself does not speak of God.

All this existence is like a game of hide and seek.

God created existence in order to hide from itself, and the whole of existence with all its glory and beauty is saying: “Come, and recognize yourself in this.”

So God throws up creation after creation in search for itself – getting ever more beautiful. Did you think God was against pleasure and joy? He does it all for Himself.

When the game is over and God has been found, He exclaims to himself like a loving Father to his Son: “Haha, come back to me.”


The wonder of existence is that God is able to create something out of nothing – for God is nothing.

If you stomp your feet on the ground now you will immediately realize how dense God is in this existence. And that is the miracle – that God can be so dense and still be God.

It is the love for itself that it can be so dense and still be God. The movement away from God is the sheer love for God itself to be recognized in this beautiful creation.

After all creation is over, God returns to itself and smiles beautifully.

Then creation occurs again.