I’m going to tell you what the only way to God is.

For yourself you should know that I have met God in my own right (6 min read) — so I know what I’m talking about.

This reality is within everybody’s birth right. I am not special. It’s just that I have given my life to this.

Forgiveness, love, patience, fortitude, gratitude, trust, faith — they all have their aspectual values in reducing ignorance, resistance, selfishness and willfulness.

But as it is said:

You can be a seeker all your life.

Why merely seek when you have the opportunity of discovering what you seek?

The truth is, as long as we hold on to ill-conceived notions and ideas about ourselves we will never find God. No priest or religion can ever bring you closer to the reality of God. Belief in that only gets in the way.

“No religion knows the truth. Only he or she who lives it knows.” — Barry Long

I must warn you however: What I’m going to say will not easily be understood, because it is so far removed from normal human experience.

For further reading, I suggest you also visit Beginning of reality (8 min read), which is fundamental to this talk and should help you appreciate what I’m going to say.

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Now let’s start.

Going inside the body

The genuine act of finding truth, God, reality or whatever it is, is true meditation.

Unfortunately, we do not know what meditation is, unless we have done it actually.

And most people who think they meditate, have not meditated at all — they only think they did.

True meditation has to do with self-knowledge.

Thus meditation is discovering what you are — not what you think you are.

First I must recognize that without a body I would not be able to meditate.

Without my body, there’s nothing to reflect on. No sense of knowledge would be possible without my body.

So it is the vessel that allows for contemplation and self-reflection — not in the psychological sense, but in the true sense — which leads to self-knowledge.

The body creates existence.

And through this existence I’m able to reflect upon my being, so that in time more and more of my timeless, true nature is revealed to myself.

Thus the highest use for anything in existence would be to reflect the timeless truth of what I am.

Beyond that, there’s no real value in anything — because everything outside my body dies, disappears, changes.

It’s all just appearances.

So I cannot hope to find God or truth in existence — because God or truth never varies.

Which doesn’t mean that God does not exist.

He does.

But everything in existence is only a reflection of God and not God direct.

That’s why finding God or truth has to do with self-knowledge.

I have to go inside my body.

The only way to God, truth, the supreme being or absolute reality, is to go inside the body and see what is real in there.

That is the beginning of reality.

There is no other way.

How do I get inside my body?

I wonder who’s asking this question.

Is this question in you? If yes, who’s asking it? Please look at it.

Because I suspect this question is in you, otherwise you would already know what the way to God is.

Something inside of you, that is, inside your awareness, has the tendency to go outside the body, and sort of live there.

That something is your attention.

For most of humanity their attention is continuously fixated on objects, ideas, concepts, beliefs, or anything outside their bodies.

It is this attention that wonders how it can go back inside the body, since that is where it originally came from.

But I must tell you right now, even inside and outside are not true.

What has happened?

Why can’t you see this? Why can’t you be intelligent?

— It is because this attention is really the belief in forms.

I know this is hard to follow, but please keep on reading — you are becoming intelligent. It is very important.

You believe you have a form, fundamentally — and it is not true.

Originally, inside your awareness a movement had happened. That is the source of creation. Your attention went there and lost itself among the form. To recover your primordial state you have to disidentify what you have done.

In the first instance you must go back inside the body.

In this delusional world, where nothing is real and nothing lasts, your body is your anchor for all that is good, beautiful and true.

You have to go in there.

It is your attention that is asking the question, “How do I get inside my body?”

What it really wants to know is how it can recover its primordial state. It is lost and wants to go back home. Because in this formful state that your attention is in now, there is a fear of death, which otherwise it cannot possibly have.

Give up your identity

I told you already how to get inside your body. You have to disidentify what you have done.

What you have done is to believe in objects outside your body. You think that there is something real in that, which is not the truth.

You must give up your allegiances and alliances to all your falsehoods, which you have accumulated, in order to reduce the grip of identity.

However, people are not prepared to do that.

That’s why God or life tries to arrange for everyone the opportunity to see the truth of it by killing the person or the thing that you love most.

Did you think there was no integrity behind death?

God’s love is to make you suffer your delusion by taking everything you have, so you can finally realize that you’re nothing. But in your delusional state you cannot realize that this is love.

Pain, disenchantment, broken hearts, suffering, loss, death

— all just made to stop you for a little while in your busy, busy life (which is selfishness) so that perhaps you would come to your senses and see the truth of what death is — the integrity of it.

Otherwise you’re going to keep on with your selfishness and invariably embrace suffering again.

Coming to your senses is how you get inside your body.

That is the first step.

Inner and outer disappear

In the next step inner and outer disappear. How, or why?

How can inside and outside your body disappear?

They disappear, because a deeper, truer awareness reveals that the body is not real. This only comes through stillness — the letting go of belief.

In the highest awareness the body disappears.

You are then as nothing.

That is the truth.

It does not mean that the external body disappears, but inside, within your awareness, the internal body disappears.

Your attention is then no longer focused on objects or forms and it is at that instant set free and

you realize that you have no body, and that you are nobody.

You then exist as nothing — the rarest individualized state of consciousness on Earth — and you know what or where God is.

Beyond this point, the being of nothing, nobody knows — you have to go alone.

Because nobody can know God or truth for you — only you can know.


Thank you for reading.

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