In the beginning, that, which simply is, says nothing at all. It is “I”. Then, out of this nothingness consciousness arises and that, which simply is, gets fragmented and says “I am”. It is at this instant, that existence is created. Out of this “I am”-ness, identification with the body arises and that, which simply is, begins to say “I am this body”. Through living and the experience gathered through this body, the brain diversifies into a mind and “I am this body” becomes synonymous with “I am my conditioning”. But the original “I” is never lost, only projected and fragmented into lower dimensions. Yet, by constantly remembering our bodies and everything that’s in our memory, we have forgotten from whence we came – the nothingness everything comes out of.

This is the great power of consciousness, to assimilate all these things. It is in this sense that consciousness is like water, and our conditioning is a uniquely elemental form, which in the delusion “I am this body” is temporarily occupied by “I”.

This is what it is. The sage is then that aspect, which knows itself to be both, and nothing at the same time.


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