I am now going to describe a phenomenon that has happened to me a couple of times so far.

This is merely out of curiosity — I still need to explore this further and spend more time with it in order to come to an ultimate understanding.

The phenomenon is to be able to see one’s surroundings while the eyes are completely closed.

It happens to me randomly at times as I go into deeper states of awareness. Not ultra deep like direct God experience, but deep enough to come up with a knowledge of rightness.

What I wonder at this point is, if it can be mastered and executed at will. I’m strongly convinced it is possible, but I’m nowhere near having the knowledge of how to do so.

I still need more time with it.

A couple of experiences with more consciousness might do it — but it is not up to me, really, since I can’t trigger it in the first place.

I just have a fascination with psychic abilities, and even though I have not come very far with them as of yet, it may be something I might enjoy doing while I’m here.

Let’s just see how it goes. I don’t know what the future holds.

Now let’s get into it.

My eyes are closed?

As I said, this happens in slightly deeper states of recognition. The focus cannot be all external in the way it is the living reality for most people, because then you are completely lost in form and no real sense of knowledge is there.

But also I would not put it way out there.

I mean I have nothing to really compare it against anyway, because all I got is my experience. But some of the experiences I’ve had have been more profound and occurred in way deeper states of meditation, where something as insignificant as my surroundings or any sense of physicality had vanished.

It’s hard to describe the sort of vision you attain through this.

I can still see my surroundings, but the vision is not quite the same. It’s like the quality of seeing is different, but somehow the knowledge of what is there is still translated.

It’s a bit like black and white vision and everything has like a shiny glow on the edges and I can just see it

— straight through my closed eyelids. It’s a bit as though they were semi-permeable.

I would describe it as a mix between dreaming and observing the world around me.

What’s so peculiar about it is that it feels so familiar.

The first time this has happened to me I was just sitting on my chair relaxing with my eyes closed. Suddenly I can see through my closed eyelids and immediately I confirm to myself:

“This makes sense. Why wouldn’t I be able to see everything around me [with closed eyes]? It’s coming from inside, and I’m looking within.”

It’s as though I had somehow tapped into a part of my being where this reality is stored and not reliant on the use of my eyes. And somehow there is no surprise there at all.

While it’s happening I sort of know that it is my third-eye that is looking inside, and seeing everything that’s there to be projected outside.

Somehow it feels so natural to be able to do this.

It just feels right somehow — less effort.

Then I open my eyes again just to check, and this slightly different looking inside vision turns into the ordinary outside vision, and I think:


I was not quite sure my eyes were closed even, but opening them and still seeing confirmed it.


Now I’ve told you pretty much everything I know about this phenomenon at this point.

All I can do is conjecture that it is possible to learn this, but I can’t do it yet and I don’t know how to approach it. However, I reckon this to be the beginning of astral projection, which I have not yet looked into myself.

It was simply never high priority for me, because I care more about discovering the truth, which I continue to share in these articles.

That truth covers all aspects of life, and if this turns out to be of substantial value, I might include it more and more. I trust that this will happen naturally. As for now, it’s more something on the side.

I do not think it is the most important thing to learn right now.

I rather have us discovering the timeless truth that leads to harmony in the existential life.

That’s what I think has the most value.

All these other bits and pieces will then fall into place and we can enjoy a better life for the sake of all of us.

This is the great potential here.

Thank you for reading.

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