To be reminded of where you are, and what you are doing, is the power that leads to true change.

Inspiration is the echo of your timeless, true nature — cutting through all the noise of the busy life to inform you of where you are going, and what you are doing.

Without inspiration we soon become lost in the movement of living, and find ourselves pressured to jump to the circumstances of the past.

We lose our authority, and become much like a robot — finding ourselves reacting solely to the pressures of the past.

We lose our sight of life and soon become old.

We are sucked into the stream at whose end only death lingers — the death of an unfulfilled life.

The only way out of this stream, which due to our increasing speed in progress is only becoming faster and faster, is inspiration. Because as soon as we are inspired, our eyes open again to the falsehood we have allowed ourselves to live.

But what is inspiration?

Inspiration is the information of spirit.

In the purest sense it is reminding you that you are spirit — a spiritual being, which the mechanical robot of reacting to the past knows nothing about.

Nobody with a brain knows what spirit is, because it is simply inconceivable to us. We cannot possibly accommodate the vastness of spirit while we have a physical body.

I just happen to know that spirit is at the end and beginning of everything.

It is simply that, which is.

So inspiration is the information of spirit in your awareness. Since spirit is the timeless reality of all things and what all things must return to, its fundamental nature is stillness.

So when we are informed of spirit — when we are inspired — it suddenly causes a pause in us. It causes a pause in all our business and momentum. It causes a pause in our selfishness, and self-forgetfulness, and it says:

“Give up.”

“Give up your business.”

“Give up your selfishness.”

“Pause, and be still.”

Instant rejuvenation then occurs. Instant knowledge of life then is. Immediate knowledge of directness, integrity, purpose, rightness, goodwill and contentment occurs.

And you are changed for one moment, because you have stopped going along with the stream.

You have altered direction — you have been informed.

You come to rest, and abide in silence.

You die a little more — before you have to die the stupid death of going along with the robotic, aimless thinkingness of all your business.

You are saved a little more, because you have given up your dreadful willfulness.

How inspiration comes about

When I am not inspired I am travelling along the surface of my life. I am travelling along the surface of consciousness — which is unconsciousness.

Movement is unconsciousness, and it is what this existence is — and everybody in it. Because all the people are deeply, deeply immersed in existence until the day they die.

Most people are unconscious.

That’s why inspiration is so important to us. It is a movement into consciousness — a movement into stillness.

Many great artists, or people who have achieved greatness in one way or other, tend to admit that their sort of final wish or goal is to inspire other people.

From time to time, when you are more in tune or harmony with yourself, you admit that you want to inspire other people.

I say admit on purpose, because what can you really do?

Either you are going to be selfish, or you are going to be selfish.

There’s no other way. But there are two kinds of selfishness out there, which are: all-exclusive selfishness, and all-inclusive selfishness.

And when you have all-inclusive selfishness what you want to do is give. Because nobody has ever become poor from giving. All poverty on Earth is only due to taking — which is all-exclusive selfishness.

So as a final wish, and I say final, because the body is going to die, what you want, or what I want, is to inspire people — let more people know of this saving grace that I have found, and that I have knowledge of.

Because if I inspire you, one day you in turn may inspire me.

And so we both strive towards greatness and all-encompassing love and light.

How inspiration occurs

As I said, most people are travelling along the surface of their life — they are going with momentum.

The real life, however, is not found on the surface — there are only reflections of life on the surface. The real or pure life comes from the center and is at the center, and so all inspiration really is a call from within.

Suppose I am in momentum: I am busy, or thinking, or feeling, or having an emotion, an argument or whatever. In other words: I’m in the human condition.

Suddenly I hear something.

Suddenly I hear silence. I hear stillness. Suddenly, I hear truth — the truth that pierces through all my falsehood like a focused light of ever-prevailing consciousness.

What has happened?

Somebody, or something, has reflected the truth to me — which really comes from the center within — and I have witnessed it. I have observed it. I was there to hear it, and so I heard it and I was informed.

How powerful that information is, depends on the power of that person, or event triggering the response in me. It might be somebody making a beautiful painting, saying something, singing a song, doing this or some other thing. It does not matter.

What happens is that for one second you become still enough to see:

“I recognize that! I already know that. …But what is that?”

It is the truth, which you have forgotten

— because of all your business.

Thank you for reading.

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