Why don’t you be great?

If you’re a follower of my articles on medium, you know that I always tell you the truth of this existence as I know it.

That covers many areas in your life, because the untruth tends to hide in many places in us. So in what I am endeavoring to impart to you I always boil the message down to the complete and utter, fundamental truth.

So there’s no this or that in what I say.

This or that cannot be applied anyway, because it’s always subject to circumstances.

What you need is the pure knowledge, which is devoid of any sort of position or dualistic functioning. The pure knowledge is the potential out of which the capacity for right action arises — in other words, it’s applicable.

I shall demonstrate this in a moment. But first let me give you a quotation from one of my favorite fellow men out there: Kanye West.

We’re going to talk about luxury.

“The only luxury is time — the time you spend with your family. That’s the only luxury.

This concept of luxury is improper to me.” — Kanye West

Now Kanye is great, because he has got self-knowledge — like I do, and like an ever increasing amount of great people on this Earth do.

However, Ye is not as deep into this thing in the sense of communicating the knowledge purely as I am, and that’s alright.

But I do watch some of his interviews from time to time and it’s always inspiring to hear him talk, because he is so innocent — a divine quality all of us can possess and do possess.

Now what would Yon say?

Well, I would say that:

The only real luxury in life is life.

— it is having the knowledge of the pure life inside of you. That occurs when you are free of any problem, worry, emotion, thought or any sort of self-consideration.

When you are free of those things, in the first instance the sensation of being alive returns to you, which then becomes the knowledge of life, and you are one with life in that moment.

This is direct experience.

It is a moment of peace, rightness, contentment, love, gratitude, beauty, joy. No problem.

Now that’s what Yon would say. And that is the pure knowledge of Ye’s expression, and what he ultimately means when he says ‘spending time with your family’. Because that’s how it can express, but it need not be like that for everybody — for some people being with their family is hell.

So you see why I boil it down: the fundamental truth is always true, and there’s no argument in it.

In another video, where he was giving a speech to some university students, Mr. West said:

“Beauty has been stolen from the people and sold back to them under the concept of luxury.” — Kanye West

Now, we all know what he means by this, right? And on one level it’s true, but I want to get more fundamental on this. So here’s what I would say:

Beauty cannot really be stolen from the people, from you.

You only think it can, but it’s not true. Because:

Beauty is always now — and now is always.

But there has to be a recognition. It’s just a matter of whether you can see it or not — and it requires no object as I was letting you know in my post about meditation the other day.

Recognizing the beauty of life requires that you give something up to make space for it: You have to give up the one that is so attached, so affected, so afflicted by all these things someone or something might be doing to you.

You have to give up your selfishness, and see where you are.

The real luxury in life is being content with what you have.

So my attitude is not, ‘oh yea, you got this thing to do, or that problem’. No.

My attitude is, why don’t you be great now?

Why don’t you be great?

What’s stopping you? Who’s stopping you?

The situation might not change very quickly, but in the first instance greatness begins with a knowledge inside — and that is always now.

You are either great now, or not at all.

So why don’t you be great now?

Why can’t we all just be great, instead of being sympathetic, and sentimental.

Sympathy only means we are going to be pathetic together. Now stop it. Why don’t you be great? That’s the love I’m giving you — and it’s no sentiment.

Because sentimental love would be to bow down to your afflicted, oppressed, victimized idea of yourself, and give it some more of its old, stinking self: You are looking to get — instead of being great and looking to give.

Why can’t we be great together? — symglorious

Looks like we need a new word for it, that is the opposite of sympathetic, because we haven’t done that yet as humanity.

But it’s about to happen.

Because I’ve already made that choice.

And in time I shall achieve greatness likened to the people who have inspired me, and I am, in turn, extending my arm to any man or woman, who is willing to get up on their feet, and be great with me.

Because I don’t have the time to be pathetic.

I just pull you along into greatness.

Thank you for reading.

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