The real luxury in life is to be content with what you have.

Meditation is the best way of realizing it.

So each day, usually in the morning or evening — which is before and after all my business — I take the time to turn everything completely off, and detach from the world.

The world is not the Earth.

I detach from the world and experience the beauty and joy of the Earth — by being thoughtless in the present moment.

Because then I don’t have any problems, no past, no history.

I simply have the joy of being in my senses now, and no worries. It’s a bit of peace and innocence, and rejuvenation.

It is physical, mental and spiritual hygiene to be in that state.

I come to rest, and abide in the silence.

True silence is where new ideas are born, and “The next probable move becomes visible.

I make a cut from all my doings and business of the day, and put everything aside to see where I am.

Once I know where I am, I am revitalized.

Meditation — the powerhouse

It is a bit unfortunate that I don’t have the results yet to prove that what I do — which is to meditate as an integral part of my life — works on so many levels.

All I got right now is the knowledge that this is right.

A non-contradictory way of living life without compromise or frustration, where everything that needs to be done gets done, and no unfulfilled desires.

But in time, I will prove to you and everyone who is ready to listen, that the silence that is within me and everyone is the place where all originality comes from.

I am going to be successful in many different areas of my life.

I am going to demonstrate that it is possible to be in harmony with all things and live what one would call a sensational life — a life of right change and beauty.

And I will prove to the world that meditation truly is the powerhouse that makes all this possible.

For my life is the experiment of first looking within, and then moving without.

Before doing anything else, I set out to understand this fundamental thing, “who really am I?”, and “what am I doing?”.

And upon finding the unmistakable inner response I will use that power to bring about the most rightful change outside, and prove for everyone, that it is possible to live in harmony with no regrets.

I want to provide a blueprint for humanity.

It is: first within, then without. And I will showcase it by right action and being that, which I speak about.

But until I have the results that speak for themselves in this external world, you simply have to take my word for it.

I’m already letting you know it works.

It’s only a matter of time.

The knowledge

So often my impression is simply:

“Beauty. This is beautiful.”

– and no object.

Meditation is what allows me to connect with the life that is inside, and provides me with the opportunity of being new in the ever changing dance of living.

I get rid of my limiting beliefs this way.

I start to see what needs to be done, where I need to take action. I become creative, and valiant. I am reassured of what I have to do, and I can see my life’s purpose.

I become more detached, and in turn more joyful and more playful.

For we are only here to play — in the most truest sense.

I can do new things, because old habits that are not needed drop away, and I’m new in myself. I can get the experiences that I need to grow, and compassion enters my life.

All of this is a tremendous change to the old, silly me, who had been changed by picking up meditation years ago, and I now realize that:

Meditation is the most important thing I ever learned in life.

Thank you for reading.

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