What I’m going to tell you now will improve your life tremendously. The only thing is: you must actually do it.

I will start right off with telling you what the change is.

That is, what kind of difference you can expect from handing your life over to intuition as opposed to constantly trying to plan life or to work things out.

Then I will tell you how to do it and finally how intuition shows itself in your life, so that you know it’s real.

Let’s start.

The benefit of intuition

The ultimate benefit is:

You will exert less effort and have more results, naturally.

Isn’t that what everyone would like to realize in his or her individual life? I’m telling you it is possible, because I have done it and I’m doing it, but you must see it for yourself.

Now let’s go into this thing called intuition.

How to get intuition to enter your life

Intuition is not a new way of getting something for yourself.

If you could only see it, it’s actually your selfish expecations of life that is in the way for intuition to enter your every day.

So it’s not about getting at all, even though the knowledge of having this incredible thing going on in your life is unmistakable and speaks for itself.

Intuition derives its power from the absence of trying to get.

What am I continuously trying to get? This is a very serious question. It is imperative that you understand it, so please look at it.

What am I trying to get? What am I trying to add to? Myself – my selfishness – my entity – my self-centered interpretation of life – my expectations – the surmise.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

It is my willfulness that gets in the way and covers over that which is natural. And it is the intuition that is natural. To have intuition enter your life means to have the divine will acting through you. So it’s no longer your will at all – no injunctions.

Thy will be done!

Once I cease trying to get something every moment in my daily living life, I open up the possibility for universal harmony to enter my life. That is the truth.

And it is very real what I’m talking about – it is here with me every moment, because I have done it.

I’m no longer a willful human being going through existence doing what I please.

No. It’s almost as though I have become an environment that is acting through me. So things align themselves for me naturally and spontaneously.

That’s your potential.

But in our current state of human conditioning we can’t see that, so we can’t be sure of that while we exist in this state of ‘planning my life’ rather than handing my life over to cosmic harmony.

Intuition doesn’t come from getting, it comes from giving.

“What’s that?”

Giving is giving up your ‘willfulness in order to get something for yourself’ and to trust that, which you cannot name.

How did you think you were going to have more results without exerting more effort? Something else does the work for you, but not for yourself.

So there’s a gap between that which we know: the condition of planning my life – and that which apparently we don’t know: the state of absence of planning my life.

Wherever there’s a gap, we must build a bridge. That bridge is trust. How else are you going to step into the unknown? – You simply have to trust it will be alright.

Of course it will seem like risk, a huge risk even at times if something as big as your entire idea of life seems at stake. Because eventually, that’s what has to go out – you have to die a little.

That’s why not many people have made that step. They are not yet prepared to do it. They are not yet ready to let go of their selfishness and cross the bridge over to trusting cosmic harmony to take care of life.

Taking this step to some degree or other is the secret of anybody who has ever had some success on a superficial level. Yes, there’s a thing called karma controlling the circumstances of your existential life, whichI will explain in more detail another time. But: You will never stand out by doing something that everybody is prepared to do.

Let’s go on.

How intuition shows itself in your life

Once I’ve made that transition, how will I know intuition has entered my life?

Notice, we are not going into intellectualization, so I’m telling you clearly now how you can know intuition, so please check if it is true in your experience.

As you’ve already seen from the title, intuition means I’m operating on another level. The same life – seen differently.

I’m in a different light now, so I’m able to make certain moves that I would not have been able to make before, because I simply couldn’t see it. With intuition a knowledge enters my life.

This knowledge is the knowledge of rightness.

I  will simply know what to do and when to do it. I will begin to become aware that there’s a subconscious underneath my normal (frontal) consciousness which everybody has and uses, that informs me of the auspiciousness of certain situations, actions, thoughts, feelings and appearances.

It looks from further back, with greater detachment. It looks from a distance, and so in a sense I’m able to see into the future and I’m able to will things into existence, because this is my life, you understand?

What do you think inner reality is about? I’m responsible for everything – if I can only see it.

For as within, so without.

This newly found consciousness is a higher, finer, subtler perception than your normal everyday perception of all your problems. There’s an integrity inside, and that leads to wisdom and to intuition.

So intuition is not your normal perception. It is operating on another level.

I don’t have to do anything. It is all done for me. I don’t have to make any plans, any arrangements, any decisions. And if they do come, they will be alright.

That is my right.

Closing words

Now I hope you got the idea, because all I’m ever trying to communicate to you is my perception.

Have you ever noticed that all man, woman or child are ever trying to communicate is their perception?

In whatever they say or do, everybody is invariably making an advertisement for their perception.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s just life and there’s a purpose behind life, which I’m not going into now.

But: the more intelligent I am, the more directly I can do it.

Because, you see, nothing else matters. Objects do not matter. Only my perception matters. It’s just that most of humanity doesn’t know what’s important and so they think they are communicating objects, ideas or anything.

But it’s not like that. Here we put first things first.


Thank you.

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