I am happy to introduce that today inner reality is going live!

What is inner reality?

inner reality is the manifestation of what is real in this existence made visible for the people. By exposing yourself to the content that is released here, it serves as a signpost for you to recognize what is true within yourself, which is what I like you to do. And so we are going to cover lots of ground in these days, weeks, months or years to come, to shed light on that, which we don’t know, and also on that, which we apparently know. That way we get rid of the confusion that hides in us. And that is of course a very practical process, for it is a practical reality we live in.

The Utter Truth

So abstract, so simple is this Truth that at first it seems to have nothing in it, and so our complicating human mind has trouble to grasp it. Only when the human mind remains still and doesn’t interfere with the Knowledge, can it be understood. This is the practice, and this is what you are going to practice as you expose yourself to the idea of what it is to be simple. Nothing holds more value, more opportunity, than this, for it is your very own idea.

The Utter Truth is your inner reality.

Who is Yon?

Yoni is the author of the content here on inner-reality.com, and also the body through which this Knowledge comes into expression. I am here to remove confusion, as I have exposed myself to this substantially, and now endeavor, through this site and the different channels on this site, to take anything that is real inside of me and communicate it to the people, so that they can, too, practice this and do the same as I am doing. That’s all.

What are the channels?

Besides Insight, Lexicon and Body Knowledge as the main content output and the later active Store as a means of exterior representation (About), you can engage with inner reality also through the social media facebook, twitter and instagram.

This marks a beginning. Together we bring consciousness to Earth.