It’s time we talked about the future of

You may have noticed that things on this site are not utterly consistent, and that certain changes are still occurring.

This is because we are shifting into the next phase.

This site is not going to remain as it is. It’s still in a test phase. Major changes are coming.

I am going to seriously increase the quality of the sharing that is happening on

A slight rebranding of the page is going to happen.

You will see more structure, better design, more transparency, better usability, more content, better scale, etc..

I am intending to create a sort of living library housing a wealth of self-knowledge that is ready for everybody to access.

I’ve been working for some time now on the whole structure behind this endeavor, and things are slowly crystallizing and falling into place.

However, it’s going to take some time for all of the things to fully manifest, and we’re still kicking into higher gear.


I know I have not been keeping you up to date on the newsletter for which you can subscribe with your email, but all of those who have given me their email will most definitely receive the necessary information ahead of time to make this transition with me.

After this you are going to reap the benefits of having subscribed.

All those who have not subscribed yet to can still do so.

Please check out my instagram as well as a source of information.

As part of the rebranding and redesign the url of the page might change. If it happens, you are going to receive an email in said newsletter subscription.

We are preparing for the future, and the future is bright.

What I am talking about now is still a bit further down the road, but it is going to happen this year still. This is a heads up, because I feel it is important to remain transparent as to waht is going on.

I simply want to give you the best user experience possible.

I am really working on this all the time to make sure to pour the most amount of love into it.

This may sound funny, but love is the key to the future.

I am one of the first to truly recognize this at scale.

You are going to see, in 5 to 10 years, everybody will be following this trend.

You are ahead of the curve by staying with me. It’s a unique opportunity to witness something truly remarkable and life-changing. We are uplifting human consciousness.

The closer you are to this, the more it is going to be a part of you, and you of it.

I just felt like giving you a short heads-up today for where we’re going.

inner reality is not going to go away.

What you’ve seen so far is just the beginning.

I am here, working full-time on creating something unique.

Thank you for reading, and I see you soon.