What is the guide?

The way I write is not to fill your brain with information or to get you to learn or acquire something. Even though it may be new and revealing to you what I say, you already know it – only you’ve forgotten it. Everything I write is merely a reminder for what you already know. It is the truth, and truth is always.

Yet we seem to have forgotten this simple truth by constantly remembering everything that’s in our memory, which is not the truth. It keeps us distracted from what is really important and confuses us. Thus, if read properly, what I say should always be accompanied by a sense of relief – the relief that you already know it. “Ahh, yes, I do know what he’s saying.”, will frequently be your inner response to the impartation that takes place here.

Because it is not the words at all that are important, you see. It is the impartation of the reality that is important. I do not actually communicate to you by words. It is all done energetically. This energy is the knowledge of truth. So how should you read what is written here? What is the guide?

Read new

Out of habit we usually intellectualize, conceptualize, judge or interpret everything that is new. By doing that we make it old, and the energy is lost. In order to break this habit you really have to give your attention to what is written here. Don’t go off into a doze and read this just like you’re reading a book. Read it slowly, and make sure at every step that you really understand what is said here.

To understand it, it has to be in your experience. Otherwise you’re just a believer, a follower. To understand requires you to apply this knowledge to your own experience and see if it is true. And if it is true, then it must be worth remembering. To remember the truth is to stay conscious, to remember other things is to go unconscious.

Thus I say: read slowly, stay conscious, and enjoy. For enjoyment is conscious activity. Whenever you enjoy anything, you make it more conscious. It’s as simple as that. Consciousness is accompanied by panoramic vision, unconsciousness is thinking tunnel vision. The thoughts just smear everything and you can’t really see the new. That’s why everything looks so old and familiar to the conditioned, unconscious mind.

To read what I say is to read consciously. The reading itself is the practice of staying conscious, because then it will be true in your experience. And that is the truth.

Simple, isn’t it?


Thank you for reading.

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