I want to talk a bit about the direction inner reality is going, where I see it in the future and how you can help with that.

A place of knowledge

inner reality is a place of real knowledge. As such I give little time to creating belief or any kind of hope – which is the running away from despair.

It’s simply the truth of my life experience without compromise.

As the writer of these articles I frequently go into me, contemplate and report back to you what I see – so that I can give you something in reflection and help you become more real yourself.

That’s the whole idea.

If I can just confront and get rid of the contradiction in me first, then I’m able to see straight, live joyously and help others realize the same by serving as an unwavering signpost for the truth.

The expression of this will vary, always be fresh to accommodate these changing times that we live in.

Because if I look into me I realize that I’ve created this world: I’m responsible for all the violence and confusion. Therefore I do not have to read a single newspaper to know what is going on in the world. I have observed it in myself.

Now that I realize this I must take back what I’ve done and endeavor to get it more right on behalf of everyone, and turn everything to the good.

To help create a more loving reality for all children and everyone to experience is my greatest wish, because so often I witness the pain in others around me and I see that what is needed most in this world is love.

I need your help

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into setting up this website, doing all this research, spending these countless hours meditating and writing all these articles – and it’s all free for you to enjoy. And that’s okay.

But now I need your help.

I want to reach more people, and this is where you can come in and help me out a little (if you like).

I’ve recently started releasing these articles on medium as well.

I’m writing for people to see after all and there’s already an existing audience there, so I guess that makes sense.

But I need some help getting noticed on medium.

The way it works is this:

On medium you can release articles under certain (limited) tags. Users are subscribed to these tags in one way or another and so these tagged articles show up in their feed.

But that depends on how well an article is received, which again depends on clicks, reads, and *claps*.

Many people on medium already have large numbers of followers and so they get good exposure by their articles receiving lots of *claps* from these people.

I’m basically new on the block.

I ask you to *clap* on medium for the articles that I’ve written and am continuing to write, so that I can get more exposure.

*Clapping* can be done by hitting the *clap* button below a post and up to 50 times per article per user – as a measure of how much you enjoyed the article.

But 1 *clap* is significantly better than 0 *claps*, is how I assume it operates.

So if you want to help me out a little or show your appreciation for my work I think that will be a nice way to do it. Thank you.

I’m linking you my medium profile with all the articles here and will also include links under each relevant article here on inner-reality.com.

Medium Q&A

Will I release all articles on medium?

No. Only certain articles will go on medium.

However, many will go on medium so that I can attract an audience. But you will always be able find these articles here on inner-reality.com.

Which articles will not go on medium?

Besides some stray articles here and there, none of the Lexicon articles will be featured on medium.

The Lexicon will expand to over 50 articles in the future.

Whether there will be articles that are featured on medium that will not on inner-reality.com  I am still contemplating. It depends on quality and other factors.

However, inner-reality.com will always be the main source of information.

Anything else I can do to help inner reality grow?

*Clapping* on medium I think is the most effective measure at this stage.

But I’m also very happy about any kind of social media interaction, of course – whatever is within your capabilities.

Thank you very much.

The future of inner reality

So hopefully inner reality is going to expand and grow into a beautiful tree of knowledge for everyone to benefit from.

I intend this website to be the trunk and then over time we can see many branches. That’s the idea.

Also I want to share that this website will see major improvements and overhauls in the near to distant future (couple of months), which I will inform you about in time – so stay tuned!

I think that’s all I’d like to say for the moment.

Thank you for participating in spreading the message, and I talk to you next time.