Diving into everybody’s problem

Today I want to talk about something that is dear to my heart, which concerns the body — and therefore everybody.

It is getting rid of all the tension in the body, so we can be free in ourselves.

I have dedicated much of my life to understanding the human body.

If you’ve read my post yesterday, you know that I meditate every day, and have been doing so for a long time. But I’ve also explored many other disciplines in my endeavor to understand the human body more.

Among them are nutrition, weight exercise, shaolin kung fu, tai chi, qi gong, stretching, breathing exercises and many self-invented exercises, which I’m going to share in the future — when they are ripe to be revealed to the world.

Eventually I am going to write a book about it.

It will be entitled Body Knowledge.

In this book I am going to explain and communicate in great detail the fundamental truth about the human body, and expose many of the false beliefs society has come to accept about the body, and give signposts to restoring our original health.

I plan on giving this book away for free — so this is not a salespitch. I am going to distribute it freely over the internet, as I consider Body Knowledge to be for everybody, and so I want everybody to have access to it.

It is unarguable that the human body is fundamental to our experience of life on Earth.

That’s why it is important.

But this is only a small heads-up. Writing this book is one of the many things I want to do, and this idea has been in me for quite some time now — but it’s not yet ready to come out.

Anyway, what I’m going to share with you today is some of this knowledge of the human body, and you will see it is not quite like anything you might have heard before — even though it will ring true for you.

Now let’s talk about tension

Virtually everybody I’ve met has some form of tension inside the body. So now let’s look at it.

“Where does this tension come from?”

– “It comes from holding on to something.”

“What are we holding on to?”

– “The past. The only thing you can hold on to is the past.”

Why are animals so naturally free of tension?

Because they don’t hold on to the past. They don’t think about it. After shock they rejuvenate themselves by immediately letting go of the experience.

So you see what the true way of getting rid of your tension is. It is not some form of exercise or stretching routine, even though they can have their aspectual benefits, too — it is letting go of the past in you.

The past that is in you expresses via an emotion towards some past experience you’ve had, and that usually leads to thinking about it, which affirms it and gives it life — the emotional pain gradually becomes a physical entity inside your body.

Tension arises.

It can often go unnoticed (or ignored) and then in time leads to ailments inside the body.

Tension is the opposite of freedom.

While you have various kinds of blockages and physical ailments, you are not truly free.

You can be free in the spiritual sense of not being affected by your bodily circumstances, and surrender to the pain and gradual dying of the body as you certainly must, but the way I see it humanity has to evolve towards becoming more and more healthy — and that includes battling the emotional and physical discontent that hides in our bodies.

To be free of tension, which can be experienced from time to time, is an uplifting reassurance every moment, that in whatever you do, you feel more free, more content and more in-line with yourself.

And that is worthwhile.

How tension arises

By remembering past problems and hurts, which are stored in the emotional body, the pain slowly becomes tangible as an entity inside the physical body — it manifests as tension.

This tension in turn reminds us of something not being right, some past problem, and again the emotional body is fed and we are more likely to think about past hurts.

It’s a vicious cycle.

The only way out of this cycle is to get rid of what causes the tension.

And that is the emotion.

So you see why stretching attempts are largely futile. Continuous stretching will lead you to being more flexible and what not, but it is not true health — it’s superficial and does not address the real problem.

It is not true health, because there is no real knowledge of the body at hand.

True health can only be restored when the body has been ridden of this negative entity that possesses it. Then natural well-being returns and is felt inside the body. We in turn perform better in all sorts of situations.

But that requires we identify what the actual cause of the tension is!

And that is the knowledge I am endeavoring to impart to you — it is emotion, which is a psychic entity.

All pain is actually psychic.

But we as a whole don’t know that, so we think we’re going to get rid of it by going to the doctor or doing some futile exercises.

We are only fighting effects.

What you have to do

Let’s say you have some sort of tension inside your body now— some sort of discontent, some subtle pain.

The only way to get rid of something you hold on to is to give it up — to let it go. But in many cases you won’t be able to, because you’re unknowingly attached to it.

Either way, the thing is not to ignore it, or think about it or to fight with it, but to go into it with your attention and find out what is it about.

That’s what the pain is for.

But we have forgotten this innate reality of the body.

So you have discovered some pain inside of you. The next thing you have to do is be still (sit down or lie down) and focus on it. Just observe it. Don’t think about anything.

While you can be still and hold it in your awareness like that, you are reducing it.

Gradually, the tension is going to disappear.

Now this process is painful, uncomfortable and distressing, but the relief is: You are getting rid of it actually, truly.

Nothing else works.

When you do this, the pain will reveal itself as the emotional pain that it is, and reveal some sort of unhappiness or frustration in your life you have not faced up to, not been true to.

The pain will say:

“I am unhappy.”

“…I am unhappy about my job, money, my lover, house, situation.”

or anything — whatever it is.

It will always be the most pressing problem at hand, and when you identify it, the next thing you have to do is take action. Notice how we are never thinking about it. We are being practical, and actually going to the root of it.

For only action changes, and purifies.

Either you surrender to the situation that is giving you trouble, and accept there is nothing you can do to change it at the present time; or you do something about it, and endeavor to address the situation so that you can be free of the old, demanding circumstances.

Either way you will be taking action, and getting rid of unnecessary problem areas of your life, that are making you emotional.

That’s how you get rid of tension.

I’m not going to lie, it will take some time, and continuous looking into where you are covering up, but the solace is, you will be reducing the problem instead of running from it.

You cannot be of supreme health while your life is not right.

So you see how it all comes together.

Then you can supply with all sorts of exercises or whatever you want to do.

But this is fundamental.

Thank you for reading.

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