Significant new perspective

Today I want to bring forth the original idea of the human body. I want to discuss its correct position in the universe and its particular meaning to you inside the body. As I lay this foundation, which is a significant new perspective regarding your entire existence, you are able to get rid of the falsehoods you have accumulated in your daily living life.

We have made assumptions about the body that are fundamentally unreal and untrue. These assumptions have led to more wrong understanding about our place in the universe and the natural order of things. We’ve all imagined what our place in the universe is, without really knowing. That’s why we’re all so confused. It’s time for us to know what is true.

But how do I know if something is true? Anything is true only if it is true in my experience.

Only my experience is true.

Everything else is imagination, and hoping and wishing and wanting. This is a pill everybody will have to swallow. It’s it’s not easy to take, because this pill is the end of imagination. But the good news is, at least you will know what is true.

Where do we start? We start with the closest and realest thing in existence, which everyone has: we start with my body. And ‘my’ means the person reading these words. My body is the realest thing in existence and it’s here that we make our stand and cease imagination, which is going out of the body.

The fundamental problem

The fundamental problem of the world is imagination. Everybody in the world lives in their imagination rather than facing reality as it is.

Reality is the absence of all imagination.

Inevitably imagination leads to discontent and frustration, because it’s not real, and I can’t run away from reality forever – it’s gonna get me. If we face up to what is true, what is actual and what is real, we get rid of imagination and in turn become intelligent. It is intelligence that we need, because it allows me to live my life and see where I’m making a problem of my life instead of being true to the situation.

We can’t even trust the scientists to tell us what is true, because they too have gone into imagination, as you are about to see. But it’s alright:

You’ve come to the right place.

This time we shall look together and at any point you can simply see for yourself if what I’m saying is correct. Because if it is true what I’m saying, it must be true in your experience. So there’s no need to believe anything.

However, I may say something that is not in your immediate experience, but it will have the ‘ring of truth’ in it, and you will know that by keeping still and listening with your whole body. Together we are going to discover reality.

Reality, of course, can’t be lost or disappear, but it can be covered over or looked over by believing in and holding on to false notions. Now we are going to look at it. What I’m going to reveal to you is so fundamental that it is for everyone. I’m going to lead you right to the center of self-knowledgem, and you will see it was worth it.

So let’s start.

There is only ‘I’

Fundamentally, what do I have? What do I know to be true?

Whenever I’m awake, I have this body. You can check now if this is true. Furthermore, I have the feeling of life that is right inside my body. This feeling of life is always there. Have you got it? You know you are alive, don’t you? This feeling of life is the only life inside my body. There is no other life – only this life I can feel inside my body now.

Other life does not exist – that’s all imagination. There are life forms otherwise, but no form is life. There’s this life now, and it is my life. I can’t feel the person next to me – I can imagine I can, but it’s not true.

There is only this life now, which is my life.

Fundamentally, everything in existence must report back to me. Everything is funneling back to me, the perceiver of it. I must perceive it or know it, or else it does not exist – except in imagination, but we are concerned with reality, which is my experience now. Only what is in my experience is true.

I am the ultimate perceiver of all else, therefore I am the only intelligence in the universe, just like I am the only life and the only ‘I’ in the universe – who else do you call ‘I’? Have you ever known any other than you? You haven’t.

This is called: seeing the fact.

The rest is imagination.

All of these statements above are irrefutably true and unarguable, yet habitually we go into imagination and start to imagine life outside our bodies. We want to find out what is true. It is imperative that we cannot use imagination. Notice that while you try to assert that there is intelligence or life outside your body or that you are not the only one, you are invariably using imagination. See the fact. In truth I am the only intelligence there is. In imagination I am not. Face up to it – you have just seen the truth of it.

The beginning of reality

The beginning of reality is the end of imagination.

As I said before, it’s not easy to break away from imagining something outside your body is real. We really are attached to our imagination. You probably have felt it just now reading this. But keep going. We shall look at it further, make it more clear.

What is real cannot disappear. If the universe suddenly disappeared in front of you and you were still here, would you believe it is real? Certainly not.

Or would you?

Every night you go to sleep and the universe disappears. You wake up, it appears again. It’s not real. Furthermore, your body disappears also in deep sleep, and appears again as you wake up. See if this is true. No imagination.

In deep sleep you have no perceived existence, but that doesn’t mean you cease to be. In deep, dreamless sleep where there experientially is no body and no existence, a subtle self-knowingness continues, because we enjoy our sleep, do we not? We have no existence in that state, no body, yet enjoyment is there. Is it true what I’m saying? You have to see it. Or is it that we wake up and study our bed sheets to know how we slept? No, we just know, isn’t it?

Why am I pointing out these things? I point them out so that you become intelligent and see what is true. You already know it, it’s just that you’ve forgotten it, because you can’t stop imagining things. To be intelligent is to be able to see what is true and to stop imagining things.

Am I making sense? Then let’s go on to the next step.

Boxes inside of boxes

We have just seen there is something that continues in deep, dreamless sleep, where I have no body, no existence. That which continues even in deep, dreamless sleep and has joy arising for it must be me, because it is I, who enjoy my sleep, am I not?

Then I wake up and I’m in my body again, existence appears. The universe is now there for me. I go to sleep and the universe disappears. This means: my body is the center of the universe, and ‘my’ means the person reading these words.

My body is the center of the universe.

It is so obvious. It is really self-evident, unless I start to use my imagination and think there is some sort of continuation outside my body beyond my experience. It is only my experience that matters, everything else is imagination.

You may say, “but other people see me sleeping, or I could video tape it.” To infer that other people see you sleeping while you are asleep is imagination. All you really know is you wake up and somebody might say to you: “You have a body when you sleep.”, or: “Here is a video of you sleeping.”, but neither of that is actually in your experience. All you know is you wake up and the universe is there, which features somebody saying that or this video, and that’s all. It’s not your experience.

What is the universe?

The universe is the sense projection of my body.

If I really want to know the truth I must not go to the projection, I must go to the source, isn’t it? Is this not logical? Is this not putting first things first? Why would I study the effects of something, when I could study the thing direct? Because I don’t know what I’m doing, of course.

Everybody studies the effect, which is the universe, rather than the cause, which is me. I will receive no answers in the universe, except in theory and in imagination, but in reality I have not understood anything at all, because I have left the reality, which is inside my body. Do you begin to see the mistake of this silly society? Nobody is true to their experience, because nobody is intelligent enough to see they’re imagining things. Let’s become intelligent.

make-up of reality

boxes isnide of boxes

So we have the universe, which is the first box. Inside the universe at the center of it is the next box, which, amazingly, is my body, and ‘my’ means the person reading these words – the miracle of existence. But my body also is not real, because like the universe, it appears and disappears and finally dies. What do I find inside my body that is real?

Life. Life is me inside the body, the form. The pure life is beyond the form, because as the form dies, life goes on. But how can you know life direct without having to believe anything or follow the doctrines of others? You have to use your life experience, which is really self-knowledge. Your life experience is always true now, not true yesterday or true tomorrow or true in imagination.

Unspeakable reality

Stillness is the only way to return to the direct knowledge of life inside the body, because only stillness can overcome the pull of imagination to die into existence. All imagination leads you outside the body, outside your senses into some elusive cloud that is the dream – the interpretation of life. Face life direct, which is done inside the body, inside your senses.

The life inside your body is the unspeakable reality. Unspeakable, because it cannot be communicated by words, it can only be known or experienced directly. These words are just a pointing finger to guide you back inside, where you come from. It is a reminder to come back to your senses – as you have done just now inside that body reading this and following along, checking everything I say in your own experience. And if it is true what I’m saying, what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to go back into imagination? Or are you going to make your stand here inside your senses, where you know what is true? You must not make your stand outside the body, because then you will taste suffering and disharmony. Nothing out here lasts, because nothing out here is real. Everything out here changes, dies, disappears. Have the intelligence to see this – as you have done just now.

Come to your senses.

Your body is your anchor for all that is good, beautiful and true. It is the connecting piece between the reality inside and the universe outside.


Thank you for reading.

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