Why should you get rid of bad habits in the first place?

To free up energy.

When you engage in bad habits you are using up valuable energy — the very energy that is needed to transform your life for the better. It is not just time you are wasting entertaining bad habits — it is also energy.

But how does one stop?

The first thing is to understand it.

Then you are able to look at it intelligently and deal with the bad habit one way or another.

What are bad habits?

Bad habits are mostly our secrets.

Something that we don’t really want anyone to find out that we are doing it and what kind of relationship we are entertaining with these habits.

Intuitively, we know better.

We know something is not right.

But time and time again we indulge in the very thing we yearn to be free of.

Why is this? What is this perversity that we all overlook so easily?

It is because bad habits are an expression of ‘yourself’.

Yourself is not you. Yourself is an entity inside you that is basically selfish. You are where the knowledge comes from that something is not right.

You are the intelligence, the sweetness, and the rightness.

Yourself is the spoiler — which also manifests in the form of bad habits, so it can perpetuate itself in the body by reminding you that you are not greater than it. And time and time again you give into it and listen to this voice.

Does this sound familiar? Are you following?

Bad habits are an indulgence of this entity inside you.

It is basically looking to get. It is looking for self-satisfaction.

That’s why it is said that:

Everybody in the world is searching for fulfillment, and settling for satisfaction.

It is because this entity has possessed us and drives our whole life.

Now you’ve come to a place to hear the truth of it — if you can hear it. Not everyone is ready to distinguish and face it yet, but it’s no good prettying it up and putting it in nice clothes, hiding the dreadful truth from you so you don’t have to face it.

Know your enemy.

Your enemy is the spoiler inside of you that always says: “It’s not good enough.”, or: “I’m not good enough.”

We all know this voice, so let’s see how to deal with it.

Getting rid of your bad habits

To break with this lowly creature — this selfishness — inside of you, you have to know what you’re doing. That’s why it was important to hear the truth of it, if it is the truth for you.

Because seeing the truth creates clarity, and you can use that same clarity now that we used to identify the spoiler inside of you and look into your living life.

Where is it not right?

Once you know what that is, you then have to take action. Not thinking, because that affirms it, acknowledges it, and gives the entity further life, thus prolonging its existence.

Breaking with this stuff is not easy — it’s painful. I know, because I’ve done it and I’m doing it more and more every day. It’s a process, but it’s the only way of being alive and fresh and new.

This stuff is the past inside of you. Get rid of that old crap.

Let us look at an example

Say, you might be indulging in food or drink.

It’s important to know only what is not right for you— only for you— so you must see where you’ve got that self-knowledge. It is a subtle intuitive knowingness coming from a deep place inside of you that informs you where action is necessary in your life.

So if I’m eating too much, I have to look with a clarity at what I’m doing — where I’m indulging myself, and say: “I am not eating this, because I know what I’m doing.”

That’s how you break with the past.

It’s a continuous state of awareness and knowing what you’re doing. If I forget what I’m doing, which means I fall back into unconscious living, then I’m likely to give in to my selfish needs — and they are not what I am.

If I manage to break with my bad habit even though it is painful and I want to give in, then I am remaining un-swamped and I am in turn growing stronger.

I then remain valiant in my own self-knowledge that this is right until all the past is dissolved in me and I am free of that particular problem.

That is knowing what you’re doing.

It’s the only reliable way of breaking with your bad habits without bullshitting yourself — or hoping, wishing and wanting.

The cleansing, new energy that then enters my life as I break with the old is unmistakable and I could never return to the old ways again.

And that’s what it is to break free.

Thank you for reading.

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