I have made it a habit to consciously look at the sky every day for a couple of years now.

I would not be doing it, if it didn’t ‘pay off’ or have any real effects. So I want to give you 5 solid reasons why you should also be looking at the sky every day.

As with ‘3 things to do every morning to truly enjoy your life’, this kind of positive habit building will break up the old in you and allow you to enjoy your life more truly in the moment.

But: you must actually do it, and try it out for a while and you will soon see it has some sense in it. Don’t just think you’ve done it or you already know what it is — but do it.

Let’s start.

1. The sky is beautiful

How soothing the sky’s blue or sometimes red is to the eyes! And how beautifully it changes its color with the seasons.

Unlike everything in this western world — and the whole world has gone west — the sky is not man-made like thinking, emotions or unhappiness.

The sky is natural. It’s just there, and doesn’t promote this problem-making and problem-solving condition that has built the world around us.

That’s why the sky has the power to pull you out of your problems and into the present moment — all you got to do is look at it.

The sky has only the good, only the beautiful in it — which is life free of conditions.

That’s a good reason to start looking at it, isn’t it? — To see some beauty and unconditioned life and to be free of your problems at least for a little while in your busy day.

You will start to really appreciate this once you can recognize the effect for yourself.

2. The sky is at a distance

How much time of our day is spent looking at close objects?

Looking at this screen, looking at that screen. Reading this, reading that, concentrating on this, concentrating on that.

All this does is tighten up your eyes — which are some of the most complex organs in your body.

Not only does it have physiological effects on you such, as tightening the muscles in your body and inducing headaches, but also psychological effects, which often go unnoticed and remain subconscious.

You become shortsighted, lose yourself in tunnel vision and get tangled up in problems.

Look at the sky to break this tendency.

Looking at a distance in a physical sense, such as the sky, will help you to look from a distance at your entire life. And so you will be able to make the right move or decision, because you can see the bigger picture.

You return to stillness and your actions will have more integrity in them — that’s a very real benefit.

3. Clouds remind you: All is passing

When you look at the sky invariably you see the movement of the clouds — sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes this direction, sometimes another.

Clouds represent the circumstances of your life. They should remind you that all is passing, and that life goes on.

Are you facing a tough situation? It will pass. You will get through. You always got through. So many times before you thought you wouldn’t get through and you got through. That’s because:

Life goes on.

The sky does not complain about or condemn clouds — saying they shouldn’t be.

Nor does it fall in love with any particular clouds and tries to keep them past their expiration date. How long would that marriage last anyway? Can you fall in love with a cloud?

Be like the sky.

Circumstances only become problems when you think about them or start to interpret, but when you do that, you don’t actually see the sky.

4. The sky is always now

You can only see the sky now — you can’t see it later. It has to be now, otherwise you are not looking at all.

What do I mean by this?

When you want see the sky then all you got to do is look at it — not look and consider your feelings or think about something — because then you will not see the sky at all!

Beauty is always now.

Looking at the sky will bring you back to the present moment and back into your body, into your senses.

5. Be able to tell the weather

It takes me only one brief look at the sky to be able to tell more accurately what the weather is or going to be than any app has ever been able to tell me. That’s a fact.

It comes from having done it for a while.

What do you learn?

You learn to read the subtleties of the sky. What do the clouds mean? What does the movement mean? Dark clouds don’t necessarily equal rain. Can you feel the swing in weather conditions coming?

Why is it important?

Being able to do this, you will also be able to apply this and learn to read the circumstances of your existential life, and you will know where you’re at.

A knowledge enters your life.

And that’s it.

Now if I haven’t made a compelling case as to why you should be looking at the sky every day, then I really don’t know what to say to you, because all I’ve got is my own experience of looking at it and I say it’s worth doing it.

All you can do now is do it on your own and see if it works.

Break some old, demanding habits and start a new, nurturing one.

Free up some stale energies so that intuition can enter your life and guide you through tough situations all while you continue to enjoy your life more.

I trust you get the idea.

Thank you for reading.

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