Truth is practical

Truth is practical, and so I want to give some powerful pointers as to what you can do every morning to really connect with the feeling of life inside of you.

Otherwise it’s not real at all what we’re talking about and we’re just going into intellectualization missing the direct experience of life. Yet it is this feeling of life that we long for in everything that we do. Either consciously or unconsciously, we are all trying to connect with the life that is inside of us, and so these pointers should be most rewarding for anyone who decides to really give some time to that — and it doesn’t take very long even.

Practicing this everyday you will be able to live more joyously and your whole life will in turn become more conscious. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s start:

1) Acknowledge your life

The first thing to do when you wake up each morning is to acknowledge the simple fact that you are alive. Open your eyes and see your surroundings, see where you are. See the stillness in all the objects around you, and see the stillness of the rays of light entering through the window. Everything just is.

Many people did not get to wake up this morning and so you should give some gratitude to what you have. And what you really do have is the body in which you wake up. Give some gratitude to that before you run off into all your problems and your business. All your business really achieves is distract you from the simple fact that you are alive.

I say: give some time to that. Give some time to really seeing what you were blessed with when you wake up — you get to live another day on this beautiful Earth.

It’s great being alive, isn’t it?

Wake up and say: “Ahh, I’m still alive. What a wonderful day!”. That’s a giving, and will return you to the knowledge of life inside. Do it.

Another, similar thing that you can do any time of the day to appreciate your beautiful life more is to look at the sky. Consciously take the time each day to look at the sky and just see it. It’s just there, and not made by greed like most of this unloving society. You have to see that. There’s always a bit of sky left for you to look at. See the beauty of that. That’s a giving.

2) Each day is new

Like the other pointers, this one is very powerful and an integral part of winning your life back.

Each day in the morning consciously make the decision: “No. I will not think about yesterday.”, and stick with that. Each day is new. There is no need to look at this day through the lens of yesterday and make it old. All of yesterday’s problems — throw them out. Where really are they anyway? Not here now. This day is new and there’s nothing like it.

When you do manage to throw out yesterday’s problems immediately the wonder of life in the moment will return to you. This is what we’ve been practicing in step one. If I get rid of yesterday’s problems what do I have? I have the beauty of this moment which is my life now, and it starts with recognizing it in this body.

These steps I’m giving you are very simple, but they won’t be quite so easy to practice, because we are attached to our problems. You see, why do I need to think about what happened yesterday? — How such or such a thing did this or that to me, or what he or she said or what I said or should have said or shouldn’t have said. What’s it got to do with me living joyously in this moment in the beauty of my life now?

Nothing at all. So give it up. Don’t think about yesterday. Be finished with it, now. This day is new and it is not waiting for you to recognize it. It’s just in the moment, so be in the moment.

Life is in the moment.

3) Feel your body

So now we appreciate the wonder of life and we’ve got no problems, glorious!

The next step you can do to really establish yourself in this active participation of life is to give some time to feel your body. 5 minutes will be enough, but you can do as long as you like, of course. And I suggest to do this before you have breakfast, but any time is alright.

So you are sitting in a chair just feeling your body. What do you feel? And how does it feel? Can you feel your legs, arms, head, neck, chest, back, belly and everything? Give some time to that each day in the morning to feel your body. Because if we don’t have any problems, what have we got? We have this body. It’s all we’ve really got to enjoy this life, is it not?

All outer circumstances may change, I may be rich one day and poor the next. I may have a house to live in one day and no accommodation the next. I may have a love that is outside of me one day, and the next my love or lover has left. It’s alright, that’s just life. But:

As long as I live I shall always wake up in this body — it’s all I’ve got.

If you really do this, and give some time to feeling the sensation in your body, which does not require any thinking, you will develop another sense. I don’t want to spoil the secret for you, but this sense is the sense of life. You will see it in your own time.

Another benefit you will learn to appreciate as you give some time and gratitude to your body is you will tap into the innate intelligence of your body. If you are still enough and do not persist in being willful and choosing this or that problem, you will realize that your body has its own intelligence.

It might tell you to skip a meal a certain day, or to eat such and such a thing, even though prior to that all your thinking plans were running counter to what your body is telling you. For instance, sometimes I find myself thinking or looking forward to going to martial arts practice, or whatever it is, almost the entire day — only to then have my body tell me in the last moment it doesn’t want to go, and so I listen to that, and cease my willfulness.

So often our plans run contrary to how life is presenting itself. When we become aware of that, that’s when we’ve got to stop, look at the situation, learn what it is, adjust and get the life experience out of that. That’s how we become intelligent and really start to appreciate life as it is.

Final pointers:

These 3 very simple steps I’ve given you, which form one whole movement into the direct experience and appreciation of life, will bring you closer to the reality, which is the life inside you. I suggest you practice this every day, because it doesn’t take long, and see the results for yourself.

One thing to make sure, which is very important, is that you really do it. The mind plays many tricks on us, and so it’s easy to think that we’ve done it, even though we haven’t done it at all. It’s easy to slip into the comfort, the comfortable. But when we get too comfortable, that’s when we go to sleep, and we are not in life anymore as active participants of life. Only when we are in life consciously, are we joyous. For consciousness is joy.

So there’s an honesty in that. The honesty to really do it, not to fool yourself, because that’s easy, and that’s cheating. But once you really start doing it, your while life turns around and you are changed.


Thank you.

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