I, who am reading these words, should not assume this is written to communicate from one person to another person.

I, who am reading these words, should not interpret this knowledge in any way. That is through my conditioning, through my mind or through my emotions.

I, who am reading these words, should recognize that it is the truth speaking to itself, simply in delight.

I, who am reading these words, am now.

– The Lost Position

Through this body, inner reality is the manifestation of what is real in this existence made visible, so that it can be recognized in each and every body. In time, the truth is reflected via different forms, which in essence are captured in the sections Insight, Lexicon, Body Knowledge and Store. It is through these channels that I endeavor to reach you, wherever you are.
Sphere of Knowledge

Truth Lexicon

With the living truth as basis the original meaning of words is restored. This enables communication that is substantive. Substance is power.

Looking within

Inner Reality

Listen to the truth wherever it can be heard. The truth creates stillness. Learn about the depths of your own true being.

The seed is Pure Sensation


In the beginning of reality it begins with the body. The body is the center of existence and the basis of all knowledge. Learn what is real in here.

Manifesting Product

Outer Reality

Apply the self-knowledge you have gathered to your lfe in the external world and reduce your problems.

Manifesting Product

Complete Self-knowledge

From truth to truth. From consciousness to consciousness.

Who am I? I am the author of the content you find here, Yon. I have found the truth of my being and now I want to share this original state where I, and everybody, come from. It is the highest possibility for the human being realize his or her true nature. The human body is the instrument for this. If you seek to work one-on-one with me and dissolve your ignorance, simply reach out to me through one of the many channels, such as Instagram @complete.self.knowledge.

Together we can share in this knowledge and participate in that inconceivable reality that brings consciousness to Earth. Thank you.

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